Holiday App Marketing: Tips That Will Drive Installs

For many businesses, the holiday season is the most pivotal time of the year. An enormous amount of people are shopping, buying gifts and visiting tourist attractions. It’s such a wonderful opportunity that app developers mustn’t miss it. So here we offer some tips on how to take advantage of the holiday season to boost your app reach.

Add a Touch of Holiday Spirit

Updating your keywords with holiday themed keywords such as “Christmas Eve” is a good step to start with. Holiday-Centric apps get more attention than generic ones. Make sure to customize screenshots, app icons, with holiday specific ones. Also, it’s a good idea to customize your adverts with seasonal graphics and content.

Create Coupons and Promotions

For most of people, the holiday season represents a time at which there are great deals and exciting promotions everywhere, who doesn’t like them? A good strategy to raise your sales or in-app purchases is to take advantage of the holiday time limit. Create a special coupon as part of your holiday marketing strategy or you can host contests that award prizes. Another fantastic way is to run giveaways on facebook.

Stay Ahead of Competition

The App Store is crowded with vast amount of apps making it hard to get organic app installs, and it’s even more harder during the holidays. it’s crucial to use other channels to drive awareness and installs of your mobile app, Social media(Facebook, Twitter), emails, push notifications are your best bet for staying in touch with busy shoppers. This way you can promote your holiday deals, discounts, or other rewards. In addition, mobile ads are a great way to drive more installs quickly and easily

Beyond the Holidays

After the holidays have passed, app download rates keep going up while user acquisition cost falls. After all, now people unwrap their new mobile devices, lookout for new apps. This could be a great opportunity for you to get more downloads. Many of the above tips will be helpful to you on your new year marketing strategy. Moreover, you can take your efforts up a notch by revamping your app with new features.