Introducing New YaftaMobile SDKs: Building on Cross-Platform

We want to make it easier for developers to monetize their apps across all mobile platforms. Today, we are proud to introduce new YaftaMobile SDKs for apps that made with Unity, Cordova and Adobe AIR.

The new YaftaMobile SDKs provides a lightweight interface that wraps our existing Android SDK. The languages are already familiar, if you are a Unity developer, you’ll use C#. Similarly, if you’re a Cordova or an Adobe AIR developer, you’ll use Javascript or Actionscript. These SDKs take a lot of the tedious work out of wrapping native Android SDK so you can focus on creating the best app possible.

Integrating with the YaftaMobile SDKs can be achieved with a few lines of code. Read our getting started guide. We look forward to your feedback by sending email to