YaftaMobile Interstitial Ads Have Arrived

Today we’re excited to annouce the launch of interstitial ads on the YaftaMobile platform. This will give advertisers and publishers a new strong and engaging ad format with better performance than standard banners.

Interstitial ads are full screen ads that appear during natural transitions in an app. The user has the choice to tap on the ad or click the dismiss button to close it and resume interaction with the app.

Interstitial ad

By taking up the full screen area, interstitial ads are able to attract more user attention. They also provide unique and immersive opportunities for advertisers who are interested in creating strong brand awareness, and for publishers to maximize their revenue.

Interstitial ads are now available for everyone. Learn more about how you can integrate interstitial ads into your app by visiting our developer center. To find out more about getting started with interstitial ads contact us via email at info@mustamara.com.