YaftaMobile's New Integration with AdMob via Ad Mediation

Publishers are always searching for the best ad platform that achieve a 100% fill rate so they get the maximum value for their ad inventory, but it is impossible for any single ad platform to deliver an ad for every ad request and achieve a 100% fill rate. Fill rate not only vary across different ad sources, but also fluctuates for any particular source. That is where ad mediation comes in handy.

Ad mediation is technology that enables you to aggregate demand from different networks to maximize revenue and increase fill rate. For each ad request, the mediation platform tries the top ad network in the mediation stack. If the top ad network can’t fill the ad request, the mediation platform tries the next preferred ad network in a waterfall model until it fills the request.

Today we are happy to announce our new YaftaMobile Adapter SDK for AdMob Mediation. Now you can serve ads from both AdMob and YaftaMobile networks seamlessly. You just need to add your app to both networks, then follow the dev’s instructions to enable the mediation to take place. Whenever AdMob can’t fill an ad request from your app, it sends the request to YaftaMobile network to fill, ensuring you’re getting the highest fill rate possible.

If you haven’t yet signed up for AdMob, you can do so here.

If you have an AdMob account but don’t use YaftaMobile yet, you can sign up here.